Sugar Detox

Do you experience


  • Sugar cravings or carb cravings
  •  Energy spikes and dips throughout the day
  •  fatigue, lethargy, depression or anxiety
  •  brain fog, cloudy thinking, trouble concentrating
  •  hunger that goes from mild to intense very quickly

If you answered "YES!" to any of those questions, you are definitely not alone. Millions of people all over the world who are just like you struggle with sugar cravings on a daily basis.


Healthy natural weight loss
The healthy recipe for natural weight loss, is a lifestyle incorporating balanced eating, healthy exercise, and revitalizing, stress-free 'me-time'. Once these have become habits, you are unlikely to make a choice to end it!

So you have decided you need to change what you eat? This is a personal decision. In order to do this you will need to address bad habits. Start with one or two that come to mind now. Don't address everything at once. Once you have realized that you can control these, then you are ready to tackle more. 

Remember the golden rule is eat less move more.

Eat Ordinary Food

For healthy weight loss you need to eat ordinary food. Allow everything in moderation. Think about three small meals a day with one mid morning and one mid afternoon snack. To rid ourselves of unhealthy habits we need to master some healthy recipes. All we need is some basic knowledge of diet and nutrition.

Give yourself some family activity and show your family how you enjoy activity. This thought will 'rub off' on your kids. It is part of changing your lifestyle, which will benefit you if you make permanent changes. You will begin to enjoy a lighter way of life.