Are You Keeping Yourself Hydrated?

As the weather changes no matter whether it is warmer or cooler, you'll be needing to think about how much you are drinking. We all need to keep hydrated.Going for warm comforting drinks in the cooler weather is a great idea . In warmer weather drinking enough is important, as well as what is in it.

If we look at the label of commercial drinks we will be shocked to see the amount of sugar, sweeteners, preservatives or other chemicals that are added. These we may consume on a regular basis, because it is a 'quick fix' or because we are in a perpetual rush due to our demanding lifestyles.

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We want to have the confidence that what we eat and drink on a regular basis is doing us good. The solution is to make our own. It does take more time but once you have found your favourite drink you can repeat it again and again. Find three or four recipes that you can rotate on a regular basis.

Make the decision not to drink rubbish.

Make time to experiment with a couple of recipe combinations

Keep a regular store of these fruits/vegetables in the fridge.

Rotate recipes

Enjoy better health