Give Your Family a Treat With Healthy Juicing

If you are health conscious when you eat, you will be thinking, “I should or shouldn’t be eating this.” Some foods are attached to guilt, whereas with others we feel as though every molecule is doing our body good. We often know which are the less healthy foods, but as we are all in our individual patterns of eating, we don’t seem to have time to make that change. We are busy working or haven’t got the mental time to change our diets. We may lack the desire to eat fruit and vegetables and choose sweet or salty snacks in their place, often because it is a ‘quick fix.’ Whatever gets put in the trolley should be good food.


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Why do we eat the wrong foods? First of all, if the food is in our house, then the chances are high that it will be eaten. Healthy eating really starts at the shop. These days we are fortunate to have access to good quality fruit and vegetables. Remember when you are shopping to buy those extra or unusual fruits or vegetables like ginger or parsley as it is good to experiment.You will find some foods are more suitable for juicing as they contain more liquid. Occasionally, it is best to blend the fruit and vegetables, as then the fibre is retained

Juicing of fruit and vegetables is good, as it helps us to vary our diet.. We can combine the different colours and tastes of the food. In so doing, we get nutrients that we would not normally get if we ate the fruit and vegetable separately. It is not always easy to know which fruits or vegetables to combine. 


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Once we have found a favourite that the family enjoys, then we should save the recipe. It is good to give your family variety so that they don’t become bored of the same juice. It’s recommended that women consume four servings of vegetables and three of fruit on a daily basis. Men need five servings of vegetables and four of fruit. This daily requirement for healthy living is a lot of food to consume and many people find it difficult to meet the recommended amount; however, with juicing, it is much easier to get the fruits and vegetables nutritionists believe we need on a daily basis.

If you are new to juicing then take some time to understand how your juicer works, as it is not as complicated as it may look. Start with fruits like apples, oranges and pears. Wash the pears and apples and remove the pips. Peel the orange, leaving the white skin on and break it into segments. Juice all of this, not forgetting to make sure the jug is underneath the spout. Remove all the fibre pulp left over and put it on the compost. It is better to rinse the juicer pieces and pack them away, before sitting down to relax and enjoy the juice with your family. Visualise the healthy juice doing good to every part of your body.

Combinations of different foods can target specific health needs. Grape and carrot juice could help lower blood pressure. Other mixes could lower cholesterol, improve energy, or increase levels of various vitamins and minerals. If you are dieting be careful to monitor your calorie and sugar intake as these can be high in juices. Fortunately, when fruits and vegetables are combined, the vegetables become tastier with the natural sugars of the fruits. This is an ideal way for veggie haters to get their daily requirements.

As we become enthusiastic about juicing, we will see our families not only enjoying the juice, but enjoying good health too - the best way to get our ‘five a day.’

While juicing may take a little effort the ‘juice is worth the squeeze.'

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