Looking after your digestion

The secret to good health is a healthy digestive system. Fruit and vegetables have unique nutrients that can help us with some digestive problems. If you have a particular allergy or disease then speak to your doctor before juicing, as you may need to limit or exclude certain fruits/vegetables.

Irritable bowel,ulcers,gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea  are all symptoms relating to our digestive system not functioning well.

Below are some problems that may occur as a result of poor digestion.

Skin problems

Weak immune system


Weight gain


Bad breath

Being tired all the time

Sugar cravings

Increasing your intake of specific fruits and vegetables, could help in a number of ways...
Healing the lining of the digestive tract or keeping it healthy

Keeping you regular, thanks to the fibre

Restoring the balance of certain bacteria in your gut

Lowering inflammation in your digestive tract

Aiding the movement of food along your intestinal tract
One of the criticisms levelled at juicing involves the fact that so much of the fibre is removed during the juicing process. Luckily this is not totally justified.

It is true that juicing does remove most of the insoluble fibre. This remains behind as the pulp ejected by your juicer. However, juicing does not remove the soluble fibre. You will still be getting this part in your juices, which is great news for your gut!