Our Bodies have been designed to Move

If you have a deskbound job, you can just imagine how your body feels towards the end of each working day. Have you noticed that you have tight muscles, a painful back, and you feel totally worn out even though you really have not done anything remotely similar to a total workout?

Asian businessman with pressure about this work

Your shoulders may be burning from tension and your head hurts from gazing at the computer screen for the longest time. Afterwards, imagine how the body feels after a real workout. Your muscles become warm and lithe; the blood is freely flowing through your entire body delivering much needed oxygen and energy. You feel keyed up, positive and even proud of yourself. The feeling is entirely different. Our bodies are designed for motion--not stay at one place and sit around the whole day.

Cardio Results in Better Life Quality

People have become preoccupied with how they look, so much so that they do not really care how they feel. If you take a second look at the benefits mentioned, all of them point to the direction of feeling good not only now but in the future as well.

Cardio training promotes movement and this increases blood flow. Cardio training reinforces the heart and lungs and trains the heart to work more efficiently. When you perform cardio training, you also set a good example for your kids and this could spell a better future for them.

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Performing cardiovascular workouts also positively modifies the hormonal aspects of your body significantly. It releases 'feel good' hormones that will help relieve signs of despair and exhaustion as well as releasing appetite decreasing hormones. In the end, cardio exercises aids in healthy gradual weight loss. This is great for people not only for people who are overweight but for those who have health issues like diabetes and hypertension, conditions that are worsened by excess body fat.