Outside Activities for Healthy Exercise

Outdoor activities make staying healthy and staying in shape more interesting. Here are some activities that you can also include in your routine that takes away boredom and puts the fun into exercise.

Go Swimming

Swimming is a popular outdoor activity that stimulates all the muscles in your body. If you have easy access to a pool, go and take the plunge. Swimming can be fun and at the same time, it helps tone your body muscles. Exercising on a treadmill can be a bore most of the time but with swimming, you can cool off, enjoy, and get in shape. You will not even notice how many hours you have spent swimming when you do so.

Dog Walking

When you have a dog, you can exercise by walking or jogging with him. What is great about exercising with your dog, especially if you are a dog lover, is that you won’t mind how long it would take for you to walk or jog because you are with your canine best friend. Other than walking, you can also play fetch with your dog or play roughhouse with him.

young athletic woman running on the road with white labrador, exercise outdoors

  It may not seem strenuous as going on a treadmill for hours, but this type of exercise can be a great workout that benefits both you and your dog.

Go Hiking

Why spend hours and hours on a treadmill just to work on your leg muscles when you can do something more fun like hiking along a nature trail. Hiking works greatly on your leg muscles and you will be more interested when you get to see different things along your journey. You can get someone to go with you to make it more exciting. Of course, you can also bring along a camera just in case you come across something interesting.


Cycling is a great cardiovascular exercise that you can enjoy especially when you do it around your community. If possible choose quiet routes away from traffic.

Some would even opt to cycle to different distances not only as their workout routine but as a way to enjoy different sights. Work your quadriceps while enjoying scenic views when you go cycling.

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

When you have a hectic daily schedule, it would be hard to find time for exercise especially when there are tons of things to worry about such as packing everyone’s lunch, sending the kids to school, work, picking them up from school, cooking dinner, and the list would go on. Exercise should be part of a your daily living especially if you have a busy schedule as it can energize the body and handle stress that can be a cause for obesity.

When you can’t find time to do some outdoor exercises, or get on the treadmill for hours for cardio exercises, there are different exercises that you can do just about anytime and anywhere – and this time, no more excuses. Amidst your busy schedule, you can insert a time slot for exercise because there are activities that you can do any place that you think is convenient for you. Keep in mind that you should always start with a warm-up and end with a cool-down exercise.

Do it Right

Always consider doing the right exercise for a specific muscle. Keep in mind that some movements are not correct even if it feels good. It is important to keep track of how a specific exercise should be done and not to base it on how it feels like.

If you are new to the world of exercise, prepare your mind and emotion. Do not set the bar too high but see to it that you engage yourself in doing the exercises well. It always takes time and patience to see results.

It is good to learn slowly and progress the type of exercise once you have mastered one. Proper exercise will enable you to attain cardiovascular fitness, good flexibility and excellent muscle strength. It will also help you lose weight and it is a relaxing activity after a day of stressful work. An added bonus is the release of endorphins or happy hormones in the body. These hormones improve the well-being of a person. Increased ability to concentrate and higher energy throughout the day are also an advantage after doing exercise. Keep determined to succeed and you will achieve the desired effects.